Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

09 – 11 April 2019

AHIC Village, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Speaker profile

Richard Neale

Chief Executive Officer, RANt Consultants

From the first batch of true digital natives, Richard has grown up with technology as part of his everyday life.  Solving real world problems and improving the lives of others has been a constant source of fascination and reward for him. 

A natural-born solution-provider and entrepreneur, Richard naturally took to Business and Technology early in his career. Following a solid 12 years in network engineering and security, he co-founded his first start-up in 2009 which specialised in the, at the time, nascent genres of Cloud computing, Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Security.

He went on to be instrumental in a number of successful start-ups within 'People Analytics' and Cybersecurity, culminating with RANt; a managed service provider that takes a fresh, risk-based approach to Cybersecurity.  The ultimate goal of RANt is to protect your most precious asset; your Brand.

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