Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

09 – 11 April 2019

AHIC Village, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

2018 Session

Industry Opportunity – the Digital Nomad

Tim Sae Koo photo

Tim Sae Koo is the CEO and co-founder of TINT, a content marketing platform that has helped over

5000+ active brands in 172 countries collect their best community content and display it dynamically
onto any marketing channel to increase marketing performance.

Tim built the company to be profitable within 4 months of launch and has helped TINT grow to 35
employees in five locations around the globe. Working with brands like Krispy Kreme, Atlantis, T-Mobile,
iHeartMedia, and more, TINT has extensive experience to help brands create authentic storytelling
experiences. When he’s not putting out fires in the company, he focuses most of his time on creating a
unique company culture, which has led his team to be the most profitable, least funded company in the
space. Outside of work, he enjoys diving onto the floor while playing volleyball, sitting on the floor
practicing meditation, and laying on the floor reading while people watching at parks.